Word on the street

For many years now people have  been saying that there is a nursing shortage. Is this still true today though? People seem to still be telling those interested in a nursing career that but rather or not it still stands true is the question.

The Truth

As of right now there is not a shortage according to David E. Williams in his post in the Helath Business Blog. Williams states that, “somehow 43 percent of newly licensed registered nurses can’t find jobs within 18 months,” (Health Business Blog, 2013). He explains that some hospitals look down upon nurses fresh out of school even applying for jobs. I don’t know about you, but that sounds to me like there are plenty of nurses to choose from. Then he goes on to explain that there is a promising future though. He brings up the fact that there are quite a bit of older nurses and once the baby boomers hit retirement age there will be more of a demand for nurses. So as there is no shortage as of right now although people are saying that; we all can expect the demand to multiple in the near future.



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