In writing a workplace letter always keep in mind:

  •  to convey a professional impression
  •  the letter represents the company or organization
  •  place the reader first
  •  use proper format and include the required parts

Parts of a workplace letter will include:

  • heading (sender’s address)
  •  date
  •  inside address (recipient)
  • salutation
  • body text
  •  complimentary closing
  •  signature block

The body of the text:

  • two lines under salutation
  • paragraph one (identifies purpose and connects with the recipient’s interest)
  • following with one or more paragraphs that discuss details of your message
  • concluding paragraph to sum it up and encourage action

I retrieved this information from Lannon and Gurak chapter 17.


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You say where might this information become useful?

In my case, I want to eventually become a nurse midwife. This information would become very useful to me when writing a letter to a doctor or even to a patient. This also may be useful to me when applying for graduate school to get my Master’s degree. For you; it could vary from writing another company, to writing to an unsatisfied customer.